Information to private customers

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Why do I have to read my meter?

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have implemented rules and regulations determining customers´ requirement to read their meters and report these readings to their power or grid company. This ensures more accurate invoicing, makes consumers more aware of their own consumption patterns and encourages energy conservation measures. More information is available here:

Meter reading and billing

If you have Hålogaland Kraft Kunde as your power supplier you can easily administrate this at “Min side” (“My site”) or contact us at or 770 42500. No problem. If not, you have to contact your local grid operator or your power supplier.

How to register my meter reading?

Via SMS (details – in Norwegian), (“Min side”) or the “power-telephone” on 800 33 012. You can also call our customer service phone: 77 04 25 00. We´re glad to help you.
How often:
-To assist us with issuing an accurate electricity bill you will need to register your meter reading on a monthly basis, around the 1st of each month. But dont stress. If you register your meter reading twice or three times a year your bill will be accurate enough.


You will receive a monthly electricity bill based on actual or estimated power consumption. In the event that no meter reading has been received, invoicing will be based on estimated power consumption.


If you have Hålogaland Kraft Kunde as your power supplier, your monthly bill will include both grid rental and power consumption. If you have a different power supplier, you will receive a separate power consumption invoice from your power company. Please contact your power provider for more information concerning their billing practices.

Methods of payment

We offer several payment options.


-With eFaktura (e-invoicing) you will receive your electricity bills directly to your internet banking for approval before the amount is drawn from your account. This saves time and is also the cheapest payment option.


-Avtalegiro (direct withdrawal) is a bank service where your invoice amount is automatically drawn from your bank account on a set date. Ask your bank for more information.

Deferment of payment:

-Should you need to defer your electricity bill, you will need to contact us to make the necessary arrangements prior to the due date. You can contact us on ph: 77 04 25 00 or e-mail:


As a registered customer you are responsible for the power consumption costs for as long as the subscription is in your name. If you move without unsubscribing, you are still required to pay for used electricity and will continue receiving bills.

When an order or a termination of subscription is reported, the electricity meter should be read and registered by both the new and the old consumer.
In the event that no meter reading is received or it is unclear who will take over the subscription, the electricity plant will be shut down. Access to the electricity plant must be provided Hålogaland Kraft by the person who terminates the subscription.
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer service on
77 04 25 00.